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Tabletop Training and Staff Education

Synergy believes that an important part of emergency response is to ensure that all members of your staff know how to use the emergency plans and tools at their disposal. Our workshops and training involve problem solving focused scenario-based exercises.  Come see some of our custom videos used to provide realistic real world training.

Below are some of our past Tabletop Projects:
Hazmat Training Tabletop:

This is from a tabletop training scenario used for a regional safety committee to help train and practice their multi-agency response capabilities and unified command system.  Train Derailment.
Municipalities Training Exercise:

This is from a local municipality’s tabletop training for a town wide response to a hazardous material incident.  This involved all town agencies and responders. Fuel Truck Rollover.

Sports Venue Tabletop:

This is from a tabletop/workshop hosted at Gillette Stadium. The training involved stakeholders from the FBI, State Police, EMS, Local Police, Fire, Multiple Jurisdictions, Hospitals, Gillette Staff, SWAT, MEMA and FEMA.  The event was designed to prepare for a mass casualty incident at a large sports venue.

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