Threat Assessments & Vulnerability Audits

S.A.V.E. Program

Security Audits for Violent Encounters

Synerygy's assessment itself is non intrusive and is conducted in such a way as to not impede or disrupt facility operations. The purpose of the assessment is to develop plans to cover a wide range of contingencies and increase the level of protection for our client. Synergy will tour the facility to identify potential weaknesses and review any history of past incidents. This will include a review of the layout, physical security measures and, operating procedures. Synergy will provide operational and physical security assessments and recommendations for improvements, ifneeded.

Synergy’s Security Audit for Violent Encounters starts by reviewing three functional areas:


Security policy and procedures

Synergy will review existing security policies and procedures system wide as well as for each individual school facility including visitor policies, staff, student and vendor ID and check in procedures, vehicle access controls, training, lockdown procedures and public safety information sharing and relations. Synergy will also review existing emergency and contingency plans, emergency contact procedures and communications policies.


Operational policy and requirements

Synergy needs to understand the daily operation process for each school facility in order to make workable recommendations. It is important to understand how each facility operates including schedules, deliveries and public access. This is accomplished best by interviewing principals, facility managers and staff and observing daily activities.


Physical security assessment


This involves a review of existing security systems, including locks, doors, points of access, electronic monitoring and system surveillance systems. It is also important to understand how security systems are monitored and official policy regarding reporting incidents. Within each of these areas, the team of Synergy professionals will look at how the facility operates and use this information to tailor a security assessment that will assist in creating or fine tuning emergency plans.