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Prepare Today for a Safer Tomorrow.


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The first step in developing a good security plan is to perform a site assessment. Synergy's experts will evaluate your facility, review your critical operations, evaluate your current security systems and practices, and recommend security improvements in accordance with Nationally accepted Best Practices.


Incident Management Protocols And Critical Task (IMPACT) is Synergy’s flagship program. Synergy’s staff collects and photographs all the necessary building information such as: Floor Plans, Utility Locations, Door Locations and Overhead Imagery. After collecting all of the necessary data, we will collaborate with local public safety officials to develop the necessary staging areas and rally points to ensure a speedy and successful resolution to any critical incident.

First Responder Training and Preparation


Synergy’s training model is to bring its students to the next level using a current real world approach. Synergy's next generation practical training ensures users receive cutting edge tactics and theories. We customize programs specific to your individual needs, using an integrated response philosophy first responders are able to collectively plan and respond much more rapidly and effectively. Police, Fire, EMS working together to save lives.



Synergy's 4L's is a simple "Repeatable--Retainable--Realistic" program designed to be used for all violent intruder situations. By using both lecture and hands on practical scenarios, we get immediate positive results with each training program. Our system is actively used in hospitals, schools and private industry. Let us help empower your employees to be successful in a critical incident.

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Active Violent Intruder Response Training (IRRAT)

In today's day and age, Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, and 911 Dispatch understand the need to immediately provide rapid medical treatment during a violent intruder incident.  This class will introduce the Rescue Task Force concept and discuss the roles for all public safety personnel as they arrive on scene.  This is a dynamic class with the emphasis on practical hands-on training.

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Tactical Training

Synergy’s Tactical Staff are all seasoned SWAT Operators, Firearms, Patrol Procedures and Defensive Tactics Instructors with countless real world, high risk operations under their belts. Most notably, their week long deployment to the city of Boston for the Boston Marathon Bombings and ensuing Watertown manhunt. Synergy’s Tactics Instructors understand the tactical and legal complexities of todays High Risk SWAT Operations. Don’t wait, schedule your class today.

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School or College Tabletop Exercise

Synergy’s Tabletop Workshops bring together personnel from town government, law enforcement, fire departments, and educational institutions to simulate and discuss their response to an emergency situation that occurs within a school or campus setting. This exercise aims to enhance coordination, communication, and collaboration among these different agencies to ensure an effective, coordinated response to critical incidents that may occur in schools or campuses.



Synergy Headquarters 430 Franklin Village Dr.
Suite 222

Franklin, Ma. 02038

Tel:  1-508-507-9110


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